The residents of Tulsa Boys' Home attend our on-campus school staffed by veteran, certified teachers. The teachers at TBH are provided by the Sand Springs School District and hold valid Oklahoma teaching certificates.

Our school follows the Sand Springs Public Schools curriculum and calendar throughout the year.

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Virtual Learning Academy

Our Virtual Learning Academy serves students who come to us behind on credits. Credit recovery is the primary focus of our Virtual Academy, and it has been a tremendous success at TBH with many of our students reclaiming their opportunity to graduate from high school. In fact, over a dozen of our (graduate-age) students successfully completed their credits and graduated from Charles Page High School.

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Quality Teachers & Healthy Class Sizes

Class sizes are small (ten to twelve boys per class) which allows for more individualized attention and instruction. Volunteer mentoring or tutoring opportunities are also available to provide individual tutoring to students who need extra help.

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Summer School AT TBH

Our summer school program provides a more hands-on curriculum, offering additional subjects such as Journalism, Math, Science, Humanities, Reading, Drama, and Basic Living Skills.