DHS ADmissions

Tulsa Boys' Home has a contract with the Child Welfare Division of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to provide 40 beds for boys who are in custody of the state. Referrals for the beds may only be completed after a request has been made and accepted by the boys' DHS Caseworker to the DHS Placement Office in Oklahoma City.

 Caseworkers, please contact the DHS Child Welfare Placement Office at 405-521-3963 to inquire about placement. For any questions about our DHS contract beds, please contact the Tulsa Boys' Home Admissions Coordinator, Rebecca Lineback, by emailing rlineback@tbhinc.org or call 918-245-0231 ext. 5024.

For more info about agencies that provide services to children and families, please see our Referral List.

Tulsa Boys' Home, accredited by the national Council on Accreditation, is a Tulsa Area United Way Partner Agency.


At Tulsa Boys' Home we provide the highest-quality residential care for boys needing placement outside their home to become well-adjusted adults.

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Substance Abuse Treatment PrograM

Our Substance Abuse Treatment Program includes individualized treatment to meet our residents' needs. Although the primary focus is on our resident's substance abuse issues, other emotional and behavioral issues (co-occurring disorders) are also addressed utilizing a holistic approach. Treatment includes individual counseling, group therapy, equine assisted psychotherapy, and family counseling (when there is a family) using the Tulsa Boys’ Home Relationship Healing Model.  

In addition, the client’s treatment includes the Change Companies Journals endorsed by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, self-help support group meetings (e.g. NA and AA), and a Positive Peer Culture.

For questions or admissions information about our Substance Abuse Treatment Program, please contact our Admissions Coordinator, Ashlie Simpson, at 918-245-0231 Ext. 5012.

The Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Program at Tulsa Boys’ Home is funded primarily by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, as well as through private donations and client fees.