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Tulsa Boys' Home helps 64 boys every day, 365 days a year. Imagine the needs for this many teenage boys! Let us know how you would like to help! The following Wish List will help provide essentials for the boys we serve. If you have any questions or would like to contribute, you may contact Jeff Johnson at 918-245-0231 ext 5090 (office) or at 918-557-9010 (cell).

Games, movies, and electronics

USB Chargers- Micro USB (Android), Lightning Cable (Newer Apple), and 30 Pin Cable (Old Apple)
New or used DVD’s, (no “R” rated movies please)
New or used Video games (PS4, Xbox1, 360, Nintendo DS -- please no “M” rated games)
Controllers and accessories
Decks of cards
Board games
Ipods (or other mp3 players) new or used, (with appropriate music is huge plus)
Clock radios
Portable DVD or CD players
Night lights
Room (Box) fans
Reading lamps
Rubik's cubes
Inexpensive watches
Fidget spinners

Art materials

Coloring books (adult and kid)
Colored pencils, crayons, mechanical pencils, dry erase markers
Drawing pads or Sketch books
Models that do not require glue
Wall calendars

Sports Equipment

Basketballs, Ping Pong Balls/Paddles, Soccer Balls (Size 5), Cue Sticks, Dodge Balls, Footballs, Nerf Footballs,
Sports Equipment/Memorabilia, Target Jerseys, 
Swimming Goggles/Snorkel, Fishing Poles/Lures/Tackle
Dice, Yoyos, basketball goals that hang on a door
Portable pull-up bar for 36” doors.
Corn hole games

Personal Hygiene items

Bar soap, hand soap in squirt bottles, 
Shampoo and conditioner
Non-spray deodorant,
Tooth paste and toothbrushes 
Hand lotion. 
Bath towels, bath rugs, hand towels.

Snacks -

Beef jerky, Gatorade’s, powdered drink mix, (individuals), chocolate milk packets for cold milk, (Carnation instant breakfast packets work great), Tic-Tacs, Skittles, any type of candy bars, fruit snacks, Little Debbie snacks, NO GUM PLEASE.


If you all have good used suitcases, that you will never use again, we would love to have them (especially if they have rollers)!

Gift cards are always nice too –

Wal-Mart, movie theater (the one in Sand Springs is a Cinemark), McDonalds, QT.

Donated items above make great stocking stuffers for our guys! Thanks so much for your interest in helping our boys at Tulsa Boys' Home!


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