Tulsa Boys' Home is a not-for-profit agency grateful for each and every donation we receive. Without the generous support of our many donors, we would not be able to provide the healing and hope we have for nearly 13,000 boys over these last 99 years!


The following foundations and organizations have donated to the Tulsa Boys' Home:

Allen Family Foundaiton  |  Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Foundation |  Sanford P. & Irene Burnstein Foundation  |  H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Foundation  |  Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation  |  David E. and Cassie L. Temple Foundation  |  George F Collins, Jr. Foundation  |  The Dill Foundation  |  Eagle Gift Foundation  |  Sharna & Irvin Frank Foundation  |  Frates Foundation  |  Freese Family Foundation  |  The Hardesty Family Foundation  |  Hille Foundation  |  Good Neighbor Fund of Spirit Aerosystems |  Hogan Family Foundation  |  Herman Kaiser Foundation  |  Kaleidoscope Foundation  |  Frank S. and Julia M. Ladner Foundation  |  Inasmuch Foundation | Kathleen Patton Westby Foundation | Kirschner Trusts |  Lemon Family Foundation  |  Macy's Foundation  |  John W. and Jerry E. Marshall Foundation  |  Mervin Bovaird Foundation |  Naugle Foundation  |  ONEOK Foundation  |  The Oxley Foundation  |  Sam J. and Nona M. Rhoades Foundaiton  |  C.L. Richards Foundation |  The Robinson Foundation  |   Sarkeys Foundation |  Sherman E. Smith Family Foundation  |  Jess L. and Miriam B. Stevens Foundation  |  The Swab Foundation  |  C.W.Titus Foundation |  Sam Viersen Family Foundation  |  Warren Foundation  |  Wal-Mart Foundation |  Walton Family Foundation |   Williams Companies Foundation  |  Zandbergen Charitable Foundation  |  Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation  |  Zarrow Families Foundation

The following have donated or pledged to donate to our current Bridge to the Future Endowment Campaign:

Betty Belcher  |   Danny and Sarah Box  |  Montie and Betty Box  |  Bebe Campbell  |  Frank Chitwood  |  Norma Coble  |  Gregg & Jennifer Conway  |  Bill and Bobbie Cutsinger  |  Mike and Shelley Dill  |  Donald P. Ellis, Jr.   |  Bill and Sherri Griggs  |  Betty Ann Guthrie  |  Tim Harris  |  Bob Hartsook  |  Jim Holloman  |  Jan Hyne  |  Jim Ivey  |  Jan Johnson  |  Kip Leikam  |  Adela Mitchell  |  Tom and Helen Monahan  |  Kathy Nanny  |  Tom and Barbara Naugle  |  Ed Patterson  |  Reynolds Endowment for Programs  |  Frank Rhoades and The Rhoades Foundation  |  Sherman E. Smith Foundation  |  Carl O. Short  |  Joe Smith  |  Patti Smith  |  Women's Association of Tulsa Boys' Home  |  Carley and Carrie Williams  |  Reed Woods

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