Board of Directors



Andrew Levinson, Chair
Carley Williams, Vice Chair
Carley Williams, Treasurer
Todd Lang, Secretary


Life Members
Montie R. Box
Mark Buntz
Tim Carney
Frank Chitwood
Michael S. Forsman
Beverly Bost Golden
Rick Guild
James G. Ivey
Mark Morelli
Donne W. Pitman
Thomas A. Vogt
J. Chris White

Advisory Board
Joe Moran
Donald Pray
Ron Shotts
Will Smith
Reed Woods

Executive Director
Gregory T. Conway



Norman H. Asbjornson
Kent Bright
Brian Carpenter 
Cason Carter 
Daniel L. Christner
Kelly Comarda 
David Cordell 
Rod Coulter 
William D. Cutsinger 
Pat Daley, MD
Mark Davis 
Sherri D. Davis 
G. Michael Dill 
Brock Eubanks 
Jack Fritts
 Bill Griggs 
Betty Ann Guthrie 
Tim Harris
Mike Henry 
Grant Hinch
H. James Holloman 
Stanley R. Lang, Ph. D.
Kip Leikam 
Chris Lincoln 
John Longacre IV
Ellen O. Martucci 
Donna Merrifield 
Robert Merrifield
Bill Murray 
Tom Naugle
Jim E. Nelson
Craig O’Connor 
Anthony Rackley 
Terry Rainey 
Ben Reynolds 
Frank R. Rhoades 
Paul Sisemore
Joe T. Smith 
Brad White 
Joe Willis

Our Mission Statement

Mission Video

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