Welcome to the Tulsa Boys' Home website. We enjoy and appreciate the longstanding recognition and support of those who care about our boys and the work we do every day. We're proud and happy to showcase the mission of our organization in these pages. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact someone from TBH today!

Each day, Tulsa Boys’ Home delivers residential services to 64 boys and their families (when there is a family). 40 of our residents are placed by the child welfare division of the Department of Human Services, and the other twenty-four are privately placed by parents or legal guardians in our Substance Abuse Treatment Program. Since 1918, we have helped nearly 13,000 boys, many of whom have learned to lead happy, productive, and successful lives. Most credit TBH for breaking the cycle of poverty, abuse, neglect, and drug addiction that often had pervaded their home life from one generation to the next. Therefore, our work of healing and instilling new found hope is multiplied many times over through the countless families and children of the children that once lived, and were healed, at Tulsa Boys' Home.

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